Financial Aid


Bible Lessons Program

The Bible Lessons Program is a special way for children in grades 1-12 to study God’s word at home while earning a scholarship toward a week of camp at Camp Gilead.

By successfully completing a set of lessons, returning campers earn a $125 scholarship & first-time campers earn a FREE week of camp!

Financial Aid

It is our desire to see every child experience a week of summer camp at Camp Gilead at least once in their lifetime!  Donations from individuals and churches make this fund available to those who qualify. A limited amount of financial aid money is available for those who could not afford to come otherwise.

NOTE: All 2017 campers were invited to participate in the Bible Lessons Program; therefore all returning campers will be awarded financial aid AFTER the Bible Lesson Scholarships are awarded. If you have received Financial Aid from us in the past, you are required to enroll your child in our Mailbox Club lessons and have them complete 1 full course (8-10 Lessons) before you qualify for Financial Aid again. First-time campers whose parents are in financial need will be given priority.

If you would like to apply for a financial aid, please don’t hesitate!  To fill out the form click the download link below, which may be faxed to us at 863-984-2067, or mailed to us.