Camper Safety

Camp Gilead uses a multi-faceted system designed to provide a safe and healthy Christian summer camp environment for your child. Stringent staff hiring and training, child protection education for campers, comprehensive weather safety protocols, and full-time maintenance personnel are just some of the ways Camp Gilead makes camper safety a top priority.

A key ingredient in keeping Camp Gilead safe and fun is ensuring that campers and staff know the rules and boundaries. The goal is to create a culture of safety and accountability. To that end, campers are shown an age-appropriate video explaining these rules and boundaries at the beginning of their week. These rules and boundaries are adhered to by all campers and all Camp Gilead staff.

You can view the safety video HERE.

We encourage you to watch these videos and then view them as a family with your child. This is valuable information for your child to increase their safety at school, church, youth activities, social events or wherever they might be involved with others.